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LA Gun Club Exhibition

'LA Gun Club' Exhibition: Palo Gallery, New York

I am thrilled to be starting the new year with a show in NYC at the Palo Gallery. Continuing my on-going obsession with subjects that blur the line between legal and social acceptability 'LA Gun Club' is a series of photographs of shooting range targets, and accompanying text that create a snapshot of American attitudes towards guns, gun use and gun ownership.

Jane Hilton: LA Gun Club. 9th February - 6th April 2024.
Palo Gallery, 30 Bond Street, New York 10012, United States.

'Insta Me, Baby' Exhibition

'Insta Me, Baby!' Exhibition: Germany

Coming up in April this year is a show curated by Henrik Becker and Anita Fogh Madsen at Kunst Für Angeln in Kappeln, Germany. I am thrilled to be one of the artists chosen. Diverse social media and controversial digital worlds have fundamentally changed our lives in recent years, and art is no exception. The project, carried out in collaboration with artists in Denmark and Schleswig-Holstein, asks questions about the interface between art and social media, especially Instagram. How do the digital worlds affect artistic creation and how does art in turn influence social media?

Insta Me, Baby! 7th April - 5th May 2024.
Kunst Für Angeln, Wittkielhof, 24409 Wittkiel, North Germany.

Home on the Range Pop-Up Exhibition

'Home on the Range': Pop-up Exhibition

For the first time, I presented a 'Pop-Up' exhibition in my studio at home, aptly titled 'Home on the Range'. Collaborating with Carrie Scott we brought a taste of the American West back to north London. It was a fantastic few days, where the sun shone and the work 'pinged' off the walls.

Click here to view a few more photos from the day. You can also click here to read Carrie Scott's own article about the day, featuring additional photos.

Sounds of Photography Radio Interview

'Sounds of Photography': Radio Interview

On 30th October 2023 I enjoyed chatting to Resonance FM Radio host, Frank Watson, on the 'Sounds of Photography' radio programme. We spoke about my American projects alongside listening to some of my favourite tracks, including Willie Nelson 'Blue Skies'; John Prine 'In Spite of Ourselves'; Johnny Cash 'Folsom Blues'; Alison Krauss 'Down to the River to Pray'.

You can listen to a recording of the interview by visiting the Sounds of Photography website.

Photo London 2023

Photo London 2023

I am delighted to be exhibiting at Eleven Gallery with this large work, plus an eclectic mix of different sizes of works in a special 'Salon Hang' across one wall. Please come and visit, or get in touch. Also, a special edition of 'Dead Eagle Trail' will be on display at Schilt Publishing in the West Wing of Somerset House. Learn More...

Photo London 2023. 11th May - 14th May 2023
Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA.

Real Wild Exhibition

'Real Wild' Exhibition: New York

Real Wild presents a wide array of representations and interpretations of American Western iconography. With artworks spanning from the late 19th century to contemporary time, the exhibition presents an encompassing view of these perspectives from artists with a plethora of backgrounds. Learn More...

Jane Hilton: Real Wild Exhibition. 14th October - 20th November 2022.
Palo Gallery, 30 Bond Street, New York 10012, United States.

City, Country, Connectivity Exhibition

'City, Country, Connectivity' Exhibition: Germany

"City, Country, Connectivity" is designed to connect the different facets of the exhibition's title theme - it aims to examine the qualitative attributions, ideas and desires with which we populate the spaces of "city" and "country", and the vistas that the assembled artistic positions can open up for us in the process. Learn More...

9th October - 30th November 2022
Kunst Für Angeln, Wittkielhof, 24409 Wittkiel, North Germany.

Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors

'Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors' Exhibition: Royal Photographic Society

In partnership with the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), Jewish News, the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust and Dangoor Education, Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors showcases new works from 13 contemporary photographers, all members and Fellows of RPS. Learn More...

For Better or for Worse

'For Better of For Worse' Exhibition: Hastings, UK

From the project 'Forever Starts Now' these Wedding Chapels from Las Vegas show an eclectic mix of interiors. Designed to be inhabited by people, they are deserted of the celebrants that would normally gather there. Exhibited during the pandemic at the Solaris Gallery. Learn More...

209 Women. Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

'209 Women' Exhibition: Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

209 Women marks 100 years since the first general election in which some women could vote. It seeks to champion the visibility of women: particularly in politics, where decisions are made that affect people of all genders. It features new portraits of the UK's women MPs, shot entirely by photographers that identify as women. It launched at the Houses of Parliament, 100 years to the day that the first women walked into polling stations to cast their ballots. Learn More...

28th February - 14th April 2019
Open Eye Gallery, 19 Mann Island, Liverpool Waterfront, Liverpool, L3 1BP, UK.