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House of Creed presents 'Citrus in Calabria' by Jane Hilton
House of Creed presents 'Citrus in Calabria'
House of Creed presents 'Wind Flowers' by Jane Hilton
House of Creed presents 'Wind Flowers'
The Last Lion Tamer by Jane Hilton.
The Last Lion Tamer
Thomas Chipperfield is now 'the last lion tamer' performing in the UK. Despite their indisputable good welfare towards their animals, with regular vet inspections and wild animal licenses, society has changed and the government is trying to ban all wild animals in circuses by 2020. I have filmed them going through turmoil; a desperate lack of money, animal rights protestors, an increasing hostile media, licensing issues, death threats, communities not wanting them, and even 'Tsavo' the lion taking a swipe at Thomas. Unbelievably they are still trying to fight their plight through the courts to find a solution to keep their beloved animals and their way of life.
Love for Sale. Jane Hilton.
Love for Sale
Ten documentary films made for the BBC. Based in two brothels just outside the city limits of Carson City, Nevada; The Moonlight Bunny Ranch and Madam Kitty's Cathouse. Nevada is the only state where prostitution is legal. These documentaries challenge the prejudices associated with prostitution. There are no drugs and dark streets. These working girls are hip and glamorous. They live in the desert, under bright blue skies and work in air-conditioned parlours. Jane stayed at the brothels for two years filming and getting inside the lives of the girls, madams and their clients.
Cowboy (Super 8) by Jane Hilton
Cowboy (Super 8)
Inspired by a commission in 2006 to photograph a 17 year old cowboy, Jeremiah Karsten, who travelled 4,000 miles on horseback from his native Alaska to Mexico, Jane set off on her own four year pilgrimage, criss-crossing the cowboy states of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Texas, New Mexico and Wyoming to capture America's 21st century cowboys which culminated in her 2010 book - "Dead Eagle Trail".